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While electric scooters have become more and more popular, for obvious reasons, the number of accidents grew exponentially.

This happened to the extent that the authorities have begun to issue stricter laws regarding wearing electric scooter helmets.

So if you are caught riding without a helmet you will probably be fined, in most of the cities. Would that be enough to motivate you to start using a helmet? Maybe it would. 

We believe the best motivation for you and every rider out there should be personal safety, though, regardless of how strict our national or local laws are.

Some type of accidents only happen once. Why risk your life and maybe never ride again when you can take all the precautions you can and continue to enjoy this beautiful invention the electric scooter is?

So, let’s cut to the chase, and introduce you to the best electric scooter helmets to buy in 2019 and use with your electric scooter for safer rides. 

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Quick Look Product Table

All-Sports HelmetsBest FeaturesMultiple Colors
Flybar MultisportLightweight and Easily AdjustableYes
Thousand Anti-TheftSecret Pop LockYes
Yellow JacketDual Safety Standard Yes
ROLLGAN MultipurposeComfortable; 11 VentsNo
Triple EightDual CertifiedYes

#1 Flybar Multisport

This helmet is designed for aggressive multi-sport use for both kids and adults. Its ABS outer shell will provide the protection you need from the outside while the EPS foam liner gives inside protection in case of impact.

Soft foam inserts will add even more extra protection and snug fit. It’s a very good alternative to the more expensive electric scooter helmets out there. 


  • 12 wide vents for airflow and cooling.
  • 7 different colors and designs: black, teal, pink, grey, cloud formations, warming, fly scraper.
  • Each color comes in 3 different sizes. 
  • Padded chin strap, strong and secure buckle, adjustable straps.
  • Adjustable dial on the back for the best fit
  • CPSC & ASTM certified
  • lightweight
  • adjustable fit
  • Aggressive look – wouldn’t match with a corporate outfit.


#2 Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a vintage-inspired helmet to use as your electric scooter helmet, this one will get your attention. Besides the fact that it is a CPSC and EN1078 certified, this lightweight helmet will not only protect your head from injuries but it will also give you a stylish look. 

It was carefully designed to be minimalist but to include some special features like a pop lock with Anti-Theft Guarantee and a magnetic buckle that makes it easier for you to fasten it one-handedly.

It has vegan microfiber straps and 2 sets of interior padding for a custom fit. 


  • Minimalist vintage design
  • 8 different colors: Arctic Grey, Carbon Black, Speedway Crème, Stay Gold, Stealth Black, Thousand Navy, Willowbrook Mint, Gold
  • Pop-Lock with Anti-Theft Guarantee (you get money back if your helmet gets stolen)
  • Magnetic buckle
  • Vegan microfiber straps
  • 2 sets of interior padding 
  • CPSC and EN1078
  • Designed with taste
  • Solid build
  • The price might be a little high for the average rider
  • Choosing a size might be a little more difficult.


#3 Yellow Jacket Certified Skateboard Helmet 

This lightweight double certified Yellow Jacket helmet is designed for any outdoor sports that require impact protection gear, electric scooters included. Being built using a hard shell, tough and durable PVC & PC and EPS foam, it will protect your head from direct impact.

It features multiple vents, special aerodynamic, and breathable foam. The adjustable straps allow you to adjust for a better fit. 


  • ASTM F-1492 -08 and CPSC-1203 certified
  • Sporty, compact design
  • 4 colors: Black Mamba, Smoke, White Lightning, Yellow Jacket
  • Multiple vents for air ventilation
  • Sizes S to L / adjustable straps. 
  • Strong solid build
  • Simple and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for more sports and outdoor activities
  • 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
  • Average look
  • Few color options


#4 Rollgan Multipurpose Tough Sports Black Helmet 

This Rollgan bowl-shaped helmet is meant to cover your head in a tough protective shell during any outdoor activities. Regardless of the intensity of movement, the high density of the adjustable straps will provide the right fit you need.

The 11 vents will ensure excellent airflow to keep your head properly ventilated and the removable internal foam will make the cleaning easy. It deserves a very good place among the other helmets suitable as electric scooter helmets.


  • Injection ABS & Adhesive EPS 
  • High-density adjustable straps and adjustable back knob
  • 11 vents 
  • S,M,L sizes available
  • Lightweight (0.3 kg)
  • Bowl shape
  • CPSC certified
  • Multipurpose
  • Only one color
  • Pretty basic


#5 Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight boasts with this new 3038 Dual Certified (CPSC Bike & ASTM Skate) helmet with EPS Liner that can fit and protect any kind of head shape. It’s meant to combine style, fit and protection for multiple types of riders. 


  • ABS Outer Shell with EPS liner
  • Sweat saver Fit Pads for added comfort
  • 2 sets of fit pads to customize the fit
  • Black rubber finish
  • CPSC Bike & ASTM certified
  • Stylish simple look
  • Multiple sports use
  • Comfortable
  • Might be too sporty for commuting
  • A bit higher price than average


Guidelines for Buying an Electric Scooter Helmet

While there are some specific helmets designed exclusively for electric scooters, the helmets and guidelines in this article are great for use with electric scooters. Helmets are always recommended for safety reasons. Let’s go over some guidelines you should consider before buying a helmet.

Material Used

The material used to construct your new helmet is definitely worth considering. Some helmets that are strictly made for appearances might not be made from quality materials.

If safety is your primary goal, then you should be on the lookout for the following materials: Polycarbonate, ABS, thermoplastic alloy, and EPS.

The most budget-friendly option amongst these materials is thermoplastic alloy. It still offers excellent protection for those using electric scooters without hurting the wallet.

Polycarbonate and ABS are popular right now due to their fire resistance properties as well as superior protection. You even see these materials used in things like suitcases.

Expanded polystyrene liner (EPS) is a common material found amongst scooter helmets. It’s lightweight and provides adequate protection.

Helmet Weight

Helmet weight tends to coincide with the material used. For example, ABS is a more substantial material, while thermoplastic shells are lightweight.

Helmet weight matters more as you increase the distance you’re traveling. Heavy helmets can put a strain on your neck and shoulders for long rides, while lightweight helmets are less likely to do so.

The choice you make in helmet weight will vary depending on what you plan on doing with your electric scooter.


Visibility can be impacted by a plethora of reasons when out on your scooter. Sunshine and weather can affect visibility, but we are unable to change these factors.

Goggles come with many helmets and are a great way to protect your eyes and enhance vision. Full face and open face helmets have their pros and cons, and we will go over that more below.


You need to make sure that your helmet fits your head correctly. If you’re purchasing online and are not able to try the helmet on in person, make sure that you actually take measurements of your head and match them up with the helmet. An ill-fitting helmet can be a safety hazard in itself.

How to Choose Between Full Face or Open Face Helmets?

The type of helmet you purchase will help protect your face from an unpleasant encounter with a buzzing insect. Both open face and full-face helmets can provide protection from the weather, wind, and other debris.

An open face helmet provides head and partial face coverage. This type of helmet fits snugly on your head and will typically have an adjustable chin strap to secure it in place.

These provide a fuller visual range than full-face helmets, and that is one of the biggest perks for this type.

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets also tend to be more lightweight and budget-friendly. This type of helmet offers great protection for those who just want to enjoy a peaceful ride on their scooters.

Full Face Helmets

As the name suggests, this helmet type provides full facial coverage via a windshield. The windshield is often tinted to help protect the eyes against the bright sunlight.

It acts as a barrier between the rider and the world, keeping all moisture and debris out of the face – not just the eyes.

This type of helmet is often the choice for more serious riders who require maximum protection for longer and higher speed rides.


Quick Look Product Table

Cool Design HelmetsBest FeaturesMultiple Colors
Hanmi Global Vintage HelmetDetachable 4 Season Ear MuffleNo
HYDRA Triangle Half HelmetSun Visor Quick;
Release Buckle
Overade Plixi Fit FoldableFoldable; Compact; CustomizableYes

#1 HANMI GLOBAL Vintage Helmet

This stylish helmet from Hanmi Global will have you feeling like you are flying.

Classy brown leather with aviator goggles looks like a vintage pilot helmet. It comes with detachable ear muffs and leather-lined goggles to complete the look.

Your purchase will include a Ganda anti-electromagnetic radiation sticker.

Made from ABS material, it is built strong to protect you from an impact. Chinstrap component keeps the helmet in place and is super easy to hook-up.

This helmet fits head sizes between 56-58 centimeters, which is a very limited range. Be sure to get your measurements right before purchasing.

  • Vintage airplane pilot helmet appearance
  • Made from strong and durable ABS
  • Detachable ear muffs
  • Goggles do not fit over regular glasses


#2 HYDRA Triangle Half Helmet Sun Visor Quick Release

Hydra brings us a budget-friendly helmet with a sleek, all-black appearance. Zip-around on your scooter with a helmet in matte black. The visor is all black and made with double PC anti-scratch material. The dual-screen can easily be switched to remove the DVS treatment.

This helmet was made with quality and safety in mind. The liner is made with multiple density EPS material, and the outer shell is made with ABS and thermoplastic. This means that it will be high impact and fire-resistant.

Comfort and style are two things you’d want in a helmet. The chin strap is padded, and the inner padding is anti-bacterial. Its inner padding is also removable and washable.

  • Comfort and style
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Made with multiple density EPS and ABS for the outer shell
  • Some find the padded chin strap to be uncomfortable.


#3 OVERADE Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Overade has created a nifty helmet that is both safe and practical. This helmet comes with many options to help you get the fit and type that you need.

It comes in three stylish colors: Black, white, and blue with an orange chin strap. Sizes come in small/medium or large/extra-large, so finding a perfect fit should be easy.

The best part about this helmet is how practical it is. It folds up into a compact shape so you can bring it along on your travels when off the scooter. Folded up, it will fit nicely inside a purse or backpack.

  • Collapsible and easily transported
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Removable accessories available for purchase
  • Not as comfortable



Quick Look Product Table

Helmets With a VisorBest FeaturesMultiple Colors
VICTGOAL HelmetDetachable Magnetic GogglesYes
Basecamp Bike HelmetSuper Lightweight; Safety LightYes
MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet6 Wind Tunnel VentsYes
Shinmax Adults Bike HelmetRemovable Shield Visor; 28 VentsYes
Wantdo Bike HelmetLightweight, Very ComfortableYes

#1 VICTGOAL Bike Helmet

This bike helmet is lightweight and more comfortable than the other bike helmets you’ve worn before. It also includes a visor, which you can attach or remove as you see fit.

The good thing about the visor design is that it also works somewhat like goggles to protect you from sun and dust and dirt while you ride. 

Do you have a hard time finding a helmet that works with glasses? You’ve found it right here. The visor works with glasses too.

  • The visor works with glasses
  • Lightweight and cool
  • Adjustable tension
  • The visor may be too large for some


#2 Basecamp Bike Helmet, Bicycle Helmet BC-069

This is the perfect helmet for people that like to ride their bikes day and night in just about any type of weather. That’s because it has safety LED lights on the back to ensure you’re visible to drivers and other riders, no matter what.

While some helmets might have between one and three lights, this bike helmet combines six for extra brightness.

This helmet is portable. Helmets can often be unwieldy, so this one comes with a special backpack.

  • Aerodynamic allows plenty of ventilation
  • Extra bright safety lights
  • Includes backpack for extra portability
  • Velcro occasionally needs replacement


#3 MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

This is a bike helmet that looks good and feels good too. That’s a result of great design that lets plenty of air through and a chin strap that wicks away moisture. That’s an often neglected feature, and it makes a more significant difference than you know. 

If you’re a competitive rider, it gets even better. The design minimizes resistance, so you can get those extra seconds off your back when it counts. The visor is great, too, because it gives you a lot of coverage and protection.

  • Magnetic visor included
  • Minimal air resistance, which increases speed
  • Very cool and dry feeling
  • Visor would be better with a rubber nose guard


#4 Shinmax Adults Bike Helmet

Need a bike helmet with next-level airflow? This one fits the bill, except that its ventilation is several levels above other helmets. Why? Because a lot of bike helmets include 5 or 6 air vents. This one has 28 separate air vents.

It’s lightweight, comfortable and best of all, it’s safe. As a bonus, it comes with a carrying backpack as well as a magnetic visor. Try to beat the convenience of this helmet, and you’ll have a long term goal ahead of you.

  • Very well ventilated (28 vents)
  • Includes magnetic visor and carrying a backpack
  • Lightweight, but still durable
  • Shouldn’t be set down on a windy day


#4 Wantdo Bike Helmet with Removable Magnetic Goggles Visor

This Wantdo bike helmet is precisely everything you need to keep cool, protect yourself, stay comfortable, and enjoy your ride or race without worrying about your helmet.

While it doesn’t have the most ventilation spots of the helmets on our list, it comes in at a close second. With 19 air vents and a detachable visor, you can ride in even the most unforgiving sun and still feel fresh.

It’s adjustable within a few inches, so you get the best fit. You’ll love how lightweight it is too. Simply put, this bike helmet is an all-around winner in every category.

  • Has everything you need in a good bike helmet
  • Lightweight, and very comfortable
  • Adjustable fit serves a variety of head sizes
  • No led lighting for nighttime rides


Yes, there is no helmet specially designed for electric scooter riders. One thing is sure though: a good helmet is the first and most important part of any ride.

You should never neglect wearing one, even if it’s hard to decide which one to get. A bike helmet with a visor is reliable, high quality, and it can be used very well with an electric scooter. In fact, we highly recommend it.

That’s why we provided here a short buying guide and a few reviews to help you find your best fit.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Bike Helmet with a Visor When Riding An Electric Scooter?

Better Protection

All bike riders know that a bike helmet is your number one means of protection if you crash. Bike helmets with visors are no different.

If you crash, a good helmet can save your head. It’s so important that in many places, bike riders over a certain age are required by law to wear one.

This is so much more applicable to electric scooter riders who reach higher speeds and not always use a dedicated lane in traffic.

Bike helmets that include visors are great for that added protection, even when your ride is all smooth sailing, at least for your terrain.

The thing about visors is that they provide excellent protection for your eyes and the upper part of your face. Where sunglasses tend to have more gap area, they also let in more dust, dry air, and UV rays since they cover less, and more space is available for the rays to sweep in.

Visors offer a larger range of coverage, keeping irritants from getting to your eyes. If you’ve ever gotten done with a ride only to be plagued with itchy, irritated eyes, you already know how big of a benefit this is.

They also provide protection to your eyes from the damage that can come from repeated exposure to strong UV rays.

Better Visibility

Bike helmets with visors are especially beneficial to riders that like to take their bikes or electric scooters on more rugged terrain.

Sunglasses tend to be less comfortable under a standard bike helmet. Not only that, because they have less coverage, but you can also get those blinding glares of sunlight that burst through the small gap in your sunglasses.

Bike helmets that include visors are generally designed for better visibility. Because the visors are also often magnetic or easily detached, they’ll never pose a visibility issue when it becomes darker. The visors work much like sunglasses, but much better.

It’s Great for People Who Wear Glasses

Our fellow glasses wearers will feel our struggle.  It is hard enough to find a bike helmet you can wear over eyeglasses. If you don’t have prescription sunglasses or goggles, it can feel impossible.

Most bike helmets with visors easily accommodate people wearing glasses with little or no discomfort.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter Helmet With A Visor?


A comfortable fit is essential. Look for a lightweight helmet; a few ounces less in weight goes a long way in preventing neck and shoulder strain. Make sure the padding and the chin strap doesn’t chafe with movement.

The best way to test the comfort of a helmet is to wear it for 15 to 30 minutes, as you move around, if possible.

An adjustable fit is a huge bonus in this category: even if you’re between sizes, you can get a good, comfortable fit with the turn of a dial.


Some helmets are rather bulky. While a helmet isn’t a huge piece of gear, it can be a pain to try and fit with your other equipment.

Bike helmets that have that extra bit of convenience often include things like magnetic attachments or special carrying backpacks.


Many bike helmets include extra features, from superior ventilation to a detachable visor or carrying case. Often the more features, the higher the price point will be.

So decide what features you’ll really use (like extra led lighting for night riding) and those which are not important.


Even the best bike helmet is worth absolutely nothing if it isn’t safe. Helmets protect your skull, and your brain, in case you ever have the misfortune of meeting with a collision. Even a good lightweight helmet needs to be sturdy enough to withstand an impact. 

While local regulations may vary, there are still many independent organizations that certify safety and impact ratings for bike helmets. Make sure you verify the helmet’s protection ratings before you go on the road.


Quick Look Product Table

Helmets With Rear LightsBest FeaturesMultiple Colors
MOKFIRE Adult Bike HelmetDetachable Rear LightYes
BASE CAMP Bike Helmet Build-in Detachable Rear LightYes
Retrospec CM-3 HelmetErgo Knob Adjusting Dial/Built-In LED Flashing LightYes
VICTGOAL Bike Helmet3 Flashing Mode Led Rear LightYes
GASACIODS Bike Helmet6 LED Bulb/5 Lighting ModesYes

#1 MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

The MOKFIRE helmet is available in a variety of colors, including white, black, wood grain, and green. Each helmet is versatile and comfortable, boasting moisture-wicking helmet pads that can be washed.

The helmet is also highly-ventilated and includes a detachable rear light with two light modes: steady and flashing. 

  • Detachable rear light that is good for night time navigation
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Comfortable and ventilated
  • Runs small


#2 BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light

With a built-in rear light, the Base Camp adult helmet is a solid choice for night-time scooter rides. In addition to its taillight, the helmet also features an adjustable chin strap, comfort padding, and nine air vents that keep the wearer cool. The helmet meets CPSP standards and can fit most adults. It comes in two colors. 

  • Ideal ventilation
  • An adjustable chin strap to conform to most head sizes
  • Meets US CPSP standards
  • Max size is 23 inches which can be too small for some people


#3 Retrospec CM-3 Bike Helmet with LED Safety Light

Available in 8 colors, the Retrospec CM-3 helmet is a one size fits all helmet that fits most adults. It provides ultimate ventilation and has been made of lightweight, comfortable materials and is padded with EPS foam. It features a handy rear tail light with three settings and has been safety-certified in both the US and Europe. 

  • Certified as safe for use
  • 24 vents that make for adequate ventilation
  • Padded with lightweight foam
  • Exterior plastic coating has been reported to peel


#4 VICTGOAL Bike Helmet

This adjustable adult helmet is excellent for everyday bicycle and electric scooter rides. With 28 vents and an aerodynamic design, the helmet promotes ventilation and airflow.

It uses a PC outer casing and is padded with thick foam for both comfort and safety. It’s also equipped with a removable goggle visor and LED backlight that boasts three settings. 

  • Hard outer casing made of PC material
  • LED Backlights with multiple modes
  • Great ventilation
  • Reports of some helmets falling apart


#5 GASACIODS Bike Helmet

This helmet boasts a stylish design and durable construction. It features a set of bright LED taillights and a vented interior that features 24 vents, making for ideal airflow and cooling. It has a detachable visor and a fully adjustable chin strap to aid in the comfort of the wearer. 

  • LED taillights for safety
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Removable eye visor
  • Sizing is unclear


What Are the Benefits of Helmets with Rear Lights?

Easy identification

If you’re driving your scooter at night, you run the risk of not being noticed by passing cars. With a bike helmet fitted with a rear light, however, you can be sure that you’re visible.

Not only will you be seen, but drivers will likely start slowing down at a safer, more reasonable distance.


Since front-facing helmet lights are often chunky and heavy, it is nice that rear lights are lightweight and small. Their lightweight makes them great for reducing neck and head fatigue.

In the event of a crash, these lighter smaller lights are less likely to be forced through your helmet and cause injury. 


Compared to large, front-facing light helmets, helmets with rear lights are affordable and easy on the checkbook. Their small size, lightweight, and minimal electrical parts make them accessible to people with a variety of incomes. 

How to Choose The Best Helmet With Rear Lights?

Find the right fit first

Your helmet needs to fit properly. A well-fit helmet will be snug but not too tight, positioned so that both the front and back of your head are covered and protected, and slide-free. It should feel comfortable. 

Search for face protection

Most helmets have some sort of face protection system in place. You’ll have to choose from helmets with a visor and helmets with full-face protection.

Generally, helmets for serious sports such as mountain biking will feature the full-face protection that we speak of. In most cases, a helmet with a visor is good enough for electric scooter rides; it will protect the eyes from flying rocks and gravel, and provide sun protection.

Opt for ventilation

Helmets with vents are ideal for hot days. They reduce sweating and keep the airflow going underneath the helmet. The more vents a helmet has, the better the overall ventilation will be, and the lighter the helmet. 

Choose your light settings

Most helmet lights will have a standard, always-on light mode. However, a variety of modes can be set. Decide what light settings you want to have access to and actively look for them.

When contemplating light settings, consider how bright you want your light to be, as there can be differences in brightness across different models. 

If you have an electric scooter or are planning to purchase one, you’ll need to find a helmet that you like. So why not choose a helmet with a rear tail light?

They’re beneficial in numerous ways and offer an extra measure of safety at an affordable price with virtually no added weight. 

When browsing, look for optimal ventilation, face protection, a good fit, and your desired light settings. If you want recommendations, consider the helmets we have featured in this guide.

Electric Scooter Helmets Options For Everyone

There’s almost no end to the different helmet designs and specs available. When you’re looking at a new helmet, first make sure it passes standard safety ratings. Ensure that it’s a good, appropriate fit.

Then, look at how you intend to use your helmet, and just what that requires. If you wear glasses, a bike helmet with a visor will be invaluable.

Likewise, if you only have time to ride your electric scooter in the evenings after work, you need to look for helmets with led lighting on the back for safety.

With so many helmet options available to you, you might as well go for one of the all-sports helmets or the best cool-looking electric scooter helmets.

Some options are more laid back for leisurely riding, while others are built for those who are more serious riders.

Once you consider all the guidelines and available safety options, you will be able to find the right helmet that meets your needs. 


Quick Look Product Table

Helmet With Bluetooth and MicBest FeaturesMultiple Colors
LIVALL MT1 Smart HelmetSides -Built-in Mic; Bluetooth SpeakersYes
Sena Smart Cycling HelmetFully Bluetooth integrated/HD Audio Speakers and MicYes
Coros Omni Smart HelmetBone Conducting AudioYes
Lumos Smart HelmetBuilt-in Motion Sensor Yes
Coros SafeSound Road Smart HelmetEar Opening Sound System (EOSS)Yes

When you’re taking your scooter out for a ride, it’s great to be able to safely use your smartphone for calls, GPS directions and listen to music.

There are many great electric scooter helmets out there that allow you to do all of the things hands-free, and some of them even include some excellent advanced safety features.

Check out this list of our favorite electric scooter helmets that feature high-quality speakers and microphones.

#1 LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet

The LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet was built for both safety and excellent user experience.

The back of the helmet features built-in tail lights that work as direction indicators and brake lights, making you and your intentions highly visible to others on the road.

The built-in walkie-talkie uses a Bluetooth speaker and wind-proof microphone to give you high-quality voice input, output, and music. 

Furthermore, the helmet has an SOS function that sends signals to your emergency contacts through the LIVALL Riding App. If it notices any impact, it will inform them of your location and the situation.

  • Detachable helmet rim
  • Adjustable head circumference band
  • The simple controller allows you to control walkie-talking, music and turn signals easily
  • Requires frequent recharging if you use the audio functions regularly


#2 Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

Built-in HD microphone and speakers give you crystal clear audio input and output, so you can make phone calls, use GPS, play music and more.

Advanced Noise Control helps to minimize loud background noise from wind and traffic. The helmet has three simple buttons that help you navigate the audio functions with ease so you can focus on the road. 

If you like to ride with others, the helmet also features a Group Intercom that allows you to talk with up to three friends at once within a 900-meter radius. This feature can be set up using the Sena Smartphone app. 

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Two comfortable size options for a perfect fit
  • Sena Smartphone app makes it easy to customize all of the features
  • Some customers have reported the helmet as being heavy


#3 Coros Omni Smart Helmet

This lightweight helmet is made up of EPS impact foam and a polycarbonate shell that provides you with excellent impact protection.

It also features built-in LED tail lights that automatically turn in response to ambient light changes. 

Apart from the great safety features, it also provides you with excellent audio that’s actually delivered through your cheekbones.

This frees your ears for optimal awareness of your surroundings, which is essential for safety.

It also features an SOS emergency alert function that alerts your emergency contacts immediately should you have an accident. 

  • Smart remote makes controlling audio and lights simple while riding
  • Coros App allows you to customize app features and keeps track of riding statistics
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life


    #4 Lumos Smart Helmet

    This helmet was made for ultimate safety while on your scooter. With almost 60 bright LED lights all around the helmet, you’ll be easily visible by drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

    The lights are easily controlled via the handlebar, which also allows you to use turn signals. It also has a brake light that activates with your handbrake. Depending on the setting, the helmet battery can last from 3 to 6 hours on a single charge. 

    Using the complimentary smartphone app, you can quickly check your battery status, control settings, and install updates. 

    • Fully charged in just two hours
    • Wireless handlebar remote
    • Built-in motion sensor
    • Only one size available


    #5 Coros SafeSound Road Smart Helmet

    Open ear sound system allows for clear, high-quality sound with limited vibration, all while allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings.

    The Smart Remote is easily mounted on your handlebars for easy access to call functions, music, and more without losing focus. Additionally, the Coros app lets you track your riding statistics and patterns, as well as control settings. 

    The lightweight, aero-flow design allows for ultimate comfort, and EPS impact foam provides you with impact protection. Automatic LED taillights turn on when in low light conditions for added safety and visibility. 

    • SOS emergency alert system in case of accidents
    • Open ear design
    • Led tail light can be set to on/off or automatic
    • No turn signal lights


    What to Look for in a Smart Helmet?

    When you begin your search for the perfect Smart Helmet, it’s essential to determine what kind of features are going to be best for you.

    Lights are always a great option for added visibility. Still, if you ride in high traffic areas or in the city, a helmet with turn signal features on the back is even better. 

    If you like to talk on the phone while riding, you should look for a helmet that has a high-quality microphone.

    Some will have wind-proof microphones that are specially made to prevent loud wind noise from distorting your voice while on phone calls. 

    Another thing to consider is how you want your audio delivered to you. Some helmets come with an open ear design if you prefer optimal environmental awareness, as opposed to having your ears closed off.

    For the most part, the majority of people find it to be more comfortable and safe to use an open ear design on their smart helmet. 


    Investing in a smart helmet for your electric scooter allows you to ride while safely staying connected to your smartphone.

    They allow you to enjoy your music, receive GPS directions, and even talk on the phone while remaining focused on the road.

    There are many products available, all with a variety of functions offering simple controls and increased safety.

    Use this guide as a tool to learn more about your options and find the perfect fit for you.

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