5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Mountain Biking

Going out with your two-wheel mountain bike is an excellent way to stay healthy and enjoy the fresh air. If you intend to experience some legitimate challenges and thrill, then put mountain biking on your choice list.

It seems very fun and enjoyable, yet also nerve-wracking and frightening for the first time. That’s why you can’t start mountain biking from city traffic. You need to take some usual precautions.

There is a lot to learn for the first time mountain biking. Hence, we constructed this article with 5 important things you should know before starting mountain biking.

1. Choose Your Bike Wisely

If you research mountain bikers, you will notice that most of them were unsure about what type of bike they should buy during their first mountain biking.

So, it is very normal for you to be confused about this matter. We can give you some suggestions on this matter.

You can choose a trail bike at the beginning. Trail bikes are strong bikes and also very easy to ride. However, the ease of riding is not its only advantage; it will give you stable riding on every terrain and allow you to use every riding style.

Most importantly, with few adjustments, you can transfer it into a hardtail and full suspension. This feature allows you to change according to your preferences.

Besides trail bikes, there are also other options you can try. Such as Cross-country, Downhill, and All-mountain.

The Cross-country is perfect for going uphill and all-day riding. You will also enjoy the thrill of the race riding it.

The downhill bikes are suitable for riding shuttle and life assisted mountain trails.

And the all-mountain ideal for steeper trails and descending rides, giving you maximum safety.

You can also visit a website named Bike Inquire. This site has a different section for reviewing mountain bikes. You will also find some buying guides that can help you to choose a suitable one.

2. Consider Your Overall Expenditure

If you are going mountain biking for the first time, you have to be aware of your spending. It can vary according to the gears and type of bike you will need. You may need to invest around 500$ to 2000$, including your bikes and gears.

To illustrate, to buy good quality and handy mountaineering bike, you may need to spend 600$ to 900$. If you have enough money to buy a full-suspension bike, then we will suggest you purchase that one. 

You will also need a smart device to calculate your heart & breath rate, a GPS-enabled watch, safety goggles, a standard quality helmet, and knee & ankle caps. A sufficient amount of budgeting for all this stuff will get you ready for your first mountain biking.

3. Don’t Sit Down Too Much on Saddle.

You may be thinking of sitting down on your comfy saddle is relatively safe. But that’s not the case always. Sometimes terrains can get a little tricky too. And you can hurt yourself by not using your legs.

Your legs are the best shock absorbers. It will also assist you in absorbing all bumps and lumps too. Most importantly, you can easily separate your body from the bike by putting your weight on the paddles through your legs. It will help you to lean and shift your weight around and allows you to get more confident.

Go and see some pro mountain bike riders race downhill. You will notice that they hardly sit down on their saddle. 

4. Set Your Bike’s Suspension to Their Active Position

Most of the mountain bikes nowadays come with at least a front suspension fork. And sometimes, most of them tend to have rear shock absorbers too. 

When you face any big bumps, this invention nearly vanishes them when you roll over them. But, this will only happen when you set them to their effective position.

Take your time to learn how to lock out or open your bike’s suspension. Not understanding or knowing about your suspension can result in rolling over uneven technical trails with a completely rigid bike.

5. Take Decent Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is very crucial for mountain bikers. This equipment will give you safety in case you have an accident and give you more confidence while taking risks.

Some mountain bikers ignore them and result in getting minor to major injuries. So, it is always better to take the proper safety tools with you before going mountain biking.

First, get a well-fitted helmet. There are mainly two types of helmets. One is full-face, and another is regular. Take the full-faced helmet if you aim to do heavy, aggressive riding with high speed and downhill.

Then you need proper eye protection. Your riding path can contain pebble, dust, tree branches, and debris. So, spend an adequate amount to get appropriate eye protection and to avoid accidents.

Next is ankle caps. In case you have an accident, then you will notice how helpful these ankle taps are. Mountain bikers mostly injure their ankle very much. So, mountain biking wearing ankle caps can lower the intensity of ankle injuries.


The excitement of mountain biking is indescribable. Mountain bikers don’t ever forget their first time. Once you capture the way of going uphill and downhill with your mountain bike, you can enjoy being in the seventh sky.

But it tends to be very challenging for beginners. So, you have to prepare yourself first by knowing some crucial things about mountain biking. 

In the above, we’ve explained the top 5 things to know before starting mountain biking. You must always consider these 5 things as they are the most crucial stuff to remember

However, you should also know some other things like riding position, seating arrangements, etc.; they are relatively less critical.

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